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O que dizem de Mad Max: Fury Road

O finado blog Keyser Soze's Place (clique no link, na lista de blogs) era um excelente blog português que eu acompanhava. Uma das colunas que eu mais curtia era Hollywood Buzz, em que se reunia opiniões de diversos veículos informativos sobre determinados lançamentos.

Voltando para os dias atuais, tentei evitar o hype ao redor do novo filme da série Mad Max. E fui bem sucedido até esta semana, quando as críticas começaram a sair e são todas espetaculares. Reuni algumas das opiniões mais contundentes e mal posso esperar pra sacar a obra. 

“Thirty years have passed since our last visit to George Miller’s sun-scorched post-apocalyptic wasteland, and yet “worth the wait” still seems a puny response to the two hours of ferocious, unfettered B-movie bliss offered by Mad Max: Fury Road.” 

“It can safely be said that this madly entertaining new action extravaganza energetically kicks more ass, as well as all other parts of the anatomy, than any film ever made by a 70-year-old – and does so far more skillfully than those turned out by most young turks half his age.”

“It's pleasing, then, that Mad Max: Fury Road is Miller's masterpiece. It's a tour-de-force film, an action romp par excellence. The montage elements are often breathtaking (literally) - I found myself staring, mouth agape, as moment after moment built into a phantasmagoria of crushing metal, billowing sand and flying bodies. Yet Fury Road isn't mere action porn - scratch the dusty surface and there's story here, albeit one that's deliciously archetypal.

“It’s like "Grand Theft Auto" revamped by Hieronymus Bosch, with a dab of Robert Rodríguez’s "From Dusk Till Dawn." Tom Hardy plays Max Rockatansky himself, the former interceptor lawman and petrolhead of the original movies, driven to extreme measures by the murder of his wife and child. This film does not appear to run sequentially from the previous trilogy; it’s more a general reimagining of the first, or the overall raddled mood-scape of all three.
The Guardian

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